Looyeh (2015)

After deciding to start psychotherapy I was introduced to a therapist who lived abroad. Having our sessions through Skype and never meeting each other in person, planted doubts in my head. The repetitive disconnections due to slow internet always interrupted our sessions. He existed as long as I was connected. I couldn't tell if he was real or an avatar that knew everything about me. The physical absence of my therapist made my computer the only tangible aspect of our sessions, making me wonder if that was what was healing me. I invited the audience to my house to observe a live session. While I was in another room hidden from the audience, they could hear my voice through speakers. The screen of my laptop was projected in my bedroom, so the audience could see my therapist but not hear him. After a while the accidental internet disconnection and image freeze turned what was at first a dialogue between me and my therapist to a hysteric monologue.